"I am SO Spiritual" - 7 Major Myths Debunked

Align with your Spirit and make the world a better place.

The path of alignment, awareness and enlightenment is full of many pitfalls... if you choose to see them in that way.

I like to see resistance and obstacles as opportunities. Opportunities that take you deeper within to reveal the deeper truths about yourself and the next action steps to take on your path. Everything exists to help us ascend towards the highest states of being possible. An inner state of pure love that leads us to wellness, purpose, passion and expansion. The trick is to recognise when resistance is for growth and when resistance highlights an Ego trap. In actual fact, they are both interconnected, because you can not become more conscious of an Ego trap without instantly 'healing' it and without activating personal growth.

Getting conscious of the deeper meaning behind your unique life experience is the definition of what being "Spiritual" is.

When you commit to 'knowing thyself', your Spirit takes over and gives you a heightened experience of itself - it's all about becoming more aware of and allowing this divine process to lead the way so that you can experience the spiritual aspect of life fully.

Being aligned with your spiritual nature has two defining characteristics: non judgement and surrender.

Here are the 7 major myths that prevent you from experiencing connection to Divine Spirit.

You've got Spirituality twisted, if:


A very common Ego trap. Your beliefs have meaning BUT whenever you feel that your beliefs are more important than someone else's, you are placing and basing your judgement on a standard set by society and not by spirit.

It's important to recognise that we are all headed in the same direction, we are all going Home - the only thing that varies is where we are on the scale of understanding ourselves, our choices and our patterns. The only thing that varies is the speed, the frequency and wavelength of our growth, and EVERYONE is entitled to moving along the path at whichever pace they are most comfortable.

Ego trap: 'My rate of growth is superior than my neighbours' rate of growth'.


You live in nature away from city life. You reject technology and money. You feel these choices make you more Spiritual. You do yoga, meditate, use crystals, burn incense, recite mantras, wear mala beads, are of particular religion, even belong to a charity and believe this makes you more Spiritual. This is an Ego trap.

All of these tools are all great for expanding your capacity to give and receive love. They are tools that help to highlight where your barriers to love exist BUT they are not replacements for the work that needs to be done to shift them. They merely point you to your heart's knowing which is of love, truth and compassion. They are not replacements for the understanding that the greater your capacity to love, the more you are aligned with your spiritual self.

Ego trap: 'My life is more guided than someone else's because of how it looks on the outside'