2nd Edition - by Dr Risha Joshi

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"I would thoroughly recommend this book to anybody of all ages and all professions. It was a fascinating, mind opening read which will only benefit the reader for the better in their own life"

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"This is a delightful book and I thorough commend it to you. Dr Joshi tackles the matter in great depth and with deep understanding"


"Awesome book!
Covers everything at a level where people that are new to an awakening needs to know.
Most books go into a particular subject in depth. This book gives such a good overview. 
Everyone must read and Get Conscious!
Thank you Risha Joshi"


"I was gifted this book & as someone who is just beginning to explore self love, the subconscious mind & manifestation. It couldn’t have arrived at a more perfect time.

The book offers an overview of how just making the smallest of changes in your everyday thought processes can lead to a happier existence. It provides a helpful insight into the workings of the conscious/subconscious mind & has been a valuable read"


"This book came to me, at the time i needed it most. I was in alignment. And i arrive now to always stay here.
You too can find alignment and in turn, watch your fears melt away, live in this moment, now and BE HAPPY.
Because everything based only on the notion that it will make us happy.

Trust in this book.
Trust in Risha.
But mostly, trust in yourself"


"An inspirational read. Includes all the tools one requires, for advice on spiritual development and growth. Addresses complex concepts in such an intuitive and simple way. Cannot recommend enough! Addresses key concepts like manifesting, meditation, Mindfulness and several other key topics. If you're reading this, you're probably on a path that means this book will really help your journey. Take the plunge, you won't look back"


"A fantastic read...really gets the mind working!!!

Amazing book, uplifting reading, brilliantly written.
After reading this book it made me feel refreshed and has opened my mind in many ways. This book has helped me make positive changes in my life. I have throughly enjoyed, and would highly recommend 'Get Conscious'.
Credit goes to the author Dr Joshi for a well written book.
Thank you Dr Joshi"


"This book is exactly what you need if you are looking to make positive changes in your life. The title is perfect! If you're looking to GET CONSCIOUS then this is the book for you. It's written beautifully and explaines everything perfectly. I am already feeling expanded and motivated after reading this"


"I don't often leave reviews, however this book needed one! It was an amazing read. Risha Joshi has explained things in a very simple format which anyone would be able to understand. The principles and breakdown were clear and easy to follow throughout! As I've already told my friends, it's a must buy for your personal library!"


"A fantastic and succinct overview of waking up, written for those just beginning their spiritual journey. Dr Joshi writes in an informed but easily digestible way, and Get Conscious should be on the reading list of everyone looking to discover more about themselves and the universe to which we belong"


"Absolutely fantastic read. Dr Risha Joshi made it simple enough but with all the depth to keep me intrigued page after page. A wonderful enlightening book.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge it's a blessing"