Feeling stuck? At a crossroads in your emotional or love life?

Even the strongest among us can feel lost, unsure, ambivalent, or powerless at times. It's perfectly normal and means you are being prepared to level up to meet your best life. I can help you to understand and manage whatever life throws at you and understand the deeper meaning behind it all

My gift and skill lies in helping you to tap into a divine force of nature that is inside you

This is a force that magnetises your deepest desires to you using Universal and Spiritual Law (even if you don't know that it exists)

It is a force that you have come here to align with in order to feel boundless love, joy, abundance and a deep connection to all that is. I can help you to come back to your true self - the version of you that lies beyond emotional pain.



Hello, I’m Risha. I’m a modern day Mystic, Spiritual Teacher and Energy Alchemist. I pair my scientific background (being a dentist for 14 years), my keen interest in Quantum Science, heightened intuition and clairsentience; together with a deep understanding of ancient, Vedic spirituality and teaching - to bring you healing, restoration and alignment.


At the age of 2 years old I was initiated by my Guru who was from a small Ashram at the foot of the Himalayas and have been healing people since the age of 11.


I can help you to remember who you truly are


Understand your Soul’s lessons

Claim your Power back

Come into Harmony with your true self and divine magic

Find unconditional love


What I offer:

My book ‘Get Conscious’ - to awaken you

Psychic Tarot Readings - to give you higher, psychic perspective

Spiritual Coaching, Quantum Healing and Energy Activation - to remind you that you are divine

Turtle Academy for the Soul - to meditate and come into balance together

NEW: Masculine and Feminine Inner Union Series - to align with love and your greatest self



Author and Psychic Energy Healer 

Having spent the majority of my life pursuing my relentless curiosity; doing deep inner work; studying the nature of the Universe and practicing/studying ancient Spirituality with the help of my Guru; as well as helping countless people on their journey, I have nurtured my gifts and ability to connect with auric fields, my Higher Self, Higher Intelligence and my Psychic intuition. I bring you deep clarity, healing, and broader minded perspective of your life and any obstacles that you are facing, from a place of pure love and intention. I often use Tarot and Quantum Healing to help with this. 

I feel your energy in my body and use this information to help clear blocks that you have acquired throughout your life 

I'm here to remind you that ...

You are Human and also Divine,

Life is always supporting you,

Love is easy to find,

Energy mastery aligns you with pure divine, universal MAGIC and your heart's desires

Specifically, you attract unconditional love and abundance by bringing your Masculine and Feminine energies into Union within - something that I have practiced in my life and teach to others. Anyone can learn how to shift their internal energy to live a beautifully fulfilled life with purpose, passion and a soul-deep love. As within, so without

I wrote 'Get Conscious - Wake up to your Personal Power, Magnificence and Divine Connection' to help you to understand and remember your true nature.  

'There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle'

Albert Einstein

Happy Hiking





Learn how to become a Master of Self

Learn about the fundamental secrets and teachings to living a happy life based on ancient culture, scientific discovery and success stories from around the world. 'Get Conscious' is the result of over 20 years of personal study, condensed into a handy 100 page guide.

Psychic Tarot

Understand where you are at currently and how to move beyond any limitations, guided by Spirit and your Higher Self. All that is needed for this is an image of you where your eyes can be seen clearly.

"... It'll literally change the way you live"

Andy, London