Journey through the Elements



Enjoy the pleasures of the Earth through your physical form.
To play, to laugh, to enjoy and to love is to be Divine. Like the Turtle, love the
journey, aligning to your own North Star on a path of discovery.
In this round you will learn to deepen your connection to the Earth and see your body
as a sacred temple.

As within so without. 

Connect more deeply to your place in the world. This connection to the Ancient
Wisdom of the Earth and honouring who you are will be your foundation for reaching
for the stars.


The transformative qualities of Water - soft and soothing or strong and powerful
enough to erode mountains. Water is the physical representation of your emotions
which is energy in motion.

The expression of how you feel comes through the emotional body. It is truly a gift. It
is your compass to enable you to enrich your life with meaning. Do not be afraid of
expressing your emotions for they can show you the window to your soul.
Water is a true example of Alchemy. It can shift from solid ice to steam. In its liquid
form it is the Great Cleanser and Bringer of Life.

In this round you will learn to harness the power of emotion to cleanse and change
your life, balancing all aspects of your emotional self to bring you to the place
and the stillness of a crystal clear lake. From this place you will be able to come into
mastery and create your perfect life.


From your thoughts, your expression in the world comes through your speech and
through your actions. Both create ripples of energy in the Air and ether around you.
Sometimes Air can manifest as strong, powerful currents of energy which are felt as
wind, and seen as the movement of clouds in the sky and the swaying of trees – this
is the result of this force of nature.

You too will learn to allow the expression of your thoughts and feelings like a force of
nature. Sometimes still and silent, other times roaring like the wind.
In this round you will bring the expression of who you are into balance and in so
doing, you will have a clearer vision of where you are going.

You will see your horizon as if you are looking at the ocean on a still, clear day,

and you will learn to use the power of Air to move you towards your desired vision.


By this time, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, you will have transmuted many
aspects of your old self as you align more and more with your authentic self.
This is the Ascension of your Soul as you remember it's limitless potential.

This is the Divine Feminine dancing through life on the arms of the Divine Masculine,
as you come into perfect balance. This sacred journey brings you full circle with a
rich remembrance of your potential as you continue on the journey of embodying
more of your Soul's light.

In this round everything you have learned will come together as a remembrance of
your highest expression for this lifetime. From this place of wholeness you can now
step forwards on your continuing path of enfoldment and step fully into service.
For as you serve others, so you too will be served.