People may think you're CRAZY as an influencer but here's what they don't know...

People call me crazy...and maybe as an influencer, empath or innovator you get called it too, but here is what people don't know and why you should see critic as a positive thing.

Yeah, it can suck when you get criticised, especially if you're an empath like me and it involves a core belief that you hold, you can feel deeply judged and misunderstood... but when you learn to create space between you and your experiences, opinions and critic, they can be used as springboards that plant you more firmly onto your path.

Before going into what 'they' don't know about what it takes to be Lightworker/change maker, here's what you don't know if the words and actions of others continue to sting you: people don't know what they don't know and if you stand out as being 'different', you can expect to meet some sort of misunderstanding and resistance on your journey to creating positive change.

This is especially true if you're generally quite introverted (which many empaths are) and have a tendency to let your actions do the talking rather than shout your successes from the rooftops! . People make opinions about what they don't fully understand and this is quite an ingrained process. The nature of your job as an influencer, however, is to ignore that (if possible!) and extend yourself into territories that NEED what you have to offer and need a positive change to take place. When people don't understand how energy or healing based around energy works, there is even greater scope for misunderstanding and judgement. If everyone understood we would all be living in Utopia already

This is the nature of evolution in general - to bring light into areas of darkness for positive expansion to take place. To be a Lightworker or Lightbearer means that you have already gotten your hands dirty in the metaphorical murky waters of your own mind and that the same skill is then needed by those who ask for it in your external environment. This is how Lightworking 'works' - heal yourself, heal the world and become a source of inspiration for others to follow. Lightworking means you reveal who you are, unashamed and unapologetic. Not from a place of Ego or because others are any less than you but because you have 'been there' and have something of value to offer as a result of your healing journey.

Moving more and more towards healing and the expression of your authentic nature means that you will meet projections, reflections, imbalance and criticism from others as a result of you choosing this path ... but if like me you know with absolute certainty that this is your calling, that you are here to make a difference and the idea of this sets your soul on fire, learning how to be okay with critic and judgement is something we have to master.

Your uniqueness helps to evolve the planet.

It's not the first time in history that someone who has invented something or has a message to deliver has been considered 'crazy' which made them feel outcasted or placed doubt on the validity of their calling. We are so used to giving our power away and trusting external opinion, that at times we forget to reconnect with ourselves and our own truth. In this day and age, the 'norm' is to doubt yourself and question your worth, whilst you try to work on tuning into your gifts and reach inner peace, but they can't both exist together.

Once you do find