Why your fear of ABANDONMENT is holding you back from everything you desire

Love, health, improved finances, better relationships, a successful career, a fancy car, the perfect family home - whatever your goal is, if you haven't reached it yet it's because an abandonment wound exists within your personal energy field which you are largely unaware of.

Abandonment wounds affect the lower chakras and can lead to the belief that it is not safe to be and express who you truly are due to a fear of being rejected. Abandonment wounds affect how you interact in the world and how willing you are to step forwards onto your path. They can stem from our parent, ancestors and from past lives, and can lead to a whole host of effects such as:

Negative body image,

Suppressed emotions,



An inability to find and feel love,

Fractious interpersonal relationships,

An inability to focus

Feelings of stagnation and boredom

Negative emotion or depression.

Abandonment wounds that have not been brought to light will place limits on our lives and our happiness levels and have their roots based in experience(s) where we felt that we were:

Not seen,

Not heard,