Why your fear of ABANDONMENT is holding you back from everything you desire

Love, health, improved finances, better relationships, a successful career, a fancy car, the perfect family home - whatever your goal is, if you haven't reached it yet it's because an abandonment wound exists within your personal energy field which you are largely unaware of.

Abandonment wounds affect the lower chakras and can lead to the belief that it is not safe to be and express who you truly are due to a fear of being rejected. Abandonment wounds affect how you interact in the world and how willing you are to step forwards onto your path. They can stem from our parent, ancestors and from past lives, and can lead to a whole host of effects such as:

Negative body image,

Suppressed emotions,



An inability to find and feel love,

Fractious interpersonal relationships,

An inability to focus

Feelings of stagnation and boredom

Negative emotion or depression.

Abandonment wounds that have not been brought to light will place limits on our lives and our happiness levels and have their roots based in experience(s) where we felt that we were:

Not seen,

Not heard,

Not understood, and

Made to feel ashamed of ourselves, our actions or our body.

In reality, our core abandonment wound stems from our initial separation from Source energy, when we were lovingly expressed into form and given the huge task of finding unconditional love. Love is the major driving force in everything that we do. We get to this place called 'love' in an infinite number of different ways but we are all connected by the truth that love is always the end goal. It's important to remember that love is a state of being that is not bound by external attachment (which makes it unconditional in nature) and is what generates all the authentic positive emotion that we enjoy.

This initial separation from Source gave birth to the Ego which teaches us about fear (the polar opposite of love) and this exact contrast between fear and love actually assists us in being able to recognise and appreciate unconditional love, when it does eventually arrive. You can not, as they say, see the stars without the dark. Not only does the Ego teach us about duality and contrast, it is also an integral aspect of Source energy, that takes us to our end goal of love by being the "pushing" force, whilst Source (which IS unconditional love) becomes the "pulling" force on our path. This is how expansion of ourselves, our desires, our ways of being and of the universe occurs.

Expansion and the successful progression down our path is exactly why we have to plunge into our 'dark side', our Shadow aspects and into our abandonment wounds so that the stagnant energy of it can be transformed and transmuted into personal power that can propel us towards our goals and, of course, the ultimate end goal of love. Energetically this process of going inwards into ourselves shifts stagnant energy from our lower to our upper chakras, opening up the heart, heightening our creative and psychic abilities and also deepening our connection to divine, Universal Intelligence. It is important to remember that the experiences in which we felt deep abandonment needn't have occurred frequently or consistently and may appear to be insignificant and potentially trivial from your perspective, but ANY experiences where you felt any level of being abandoned (physically or emotionally) are massively significant and have a huge effect on the subconscious aspects of your psyche and your energy body.


Abandonment wounds get stored in our energy meridian system and can lead to the building of barriers around the heart which stop it from opening. The heart is also where our courage is stored. The Universe rewards courage and without it we can not reach our goals. An open heart (unlike the mind) does not use logic as a decision making tool which means that it relies on intelligence from a completely different source, something greater and more expanded than the mind. When you rely solely on the mind to drive you, the force behind it is will power which, in its nature, is a non-surrendered and fear based driving force. The heart however, relies on something unknown and external to itself to drive us forwards onto our individual paths - it relies on connection to powerful, higher intelligence i.e. Source energy and this allows it to not only tune into a deep pool of wisdom but to take huge, courageous leaps of faith into the unknown. These two traits are indicative of a truly open and healed heart which then becomes our divine guide. A closed heart relies heavily on the mind, on comfort zones and will allow fear to be the driving force, which will still get you to unconditional love eventually (because that is where we are all heading!) but much, much slowly. Courage and faith go hand in hand as you can not have one without the other and the alchemical reaction between the two guides us towards unconditional love and everything that our soul yearns for.

How do you heal an abandonment wound once you are aware of it?

Forgiveness of the past. At a mental level forgiveness is being able to recognise any abandonment wounds, their surrounding circumstances and to be able to explain them logically. At a much deeper, transformative level, forgiveness involves being able to see every painful experience in our lives as an act of loving guidance and to be able to connect the dots from our past. This level of transformation requires an expansion in our consciousness that incorporates and integrates our past pain and this comes from our commitment to understanding ourselves better and by taking the brave step towards exploring our personal shadow.

The end result: Trust and faith in ourselves, the unknown and connection to Higher Intelligence. Divine guidance. Unconditional love. Abundance. Happiness, presence, peace and joy.

And how beautiful would that life be?

Where are you being held back?

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