Major Energy Shifts. Healing the Divine Masculine polarity.

We are going through one of the biggest shifts of our time. Maybe you can feel it. A bubbling under the surface. A dismantling of our carefully assembled foundations. We are questioning everything we stand for and aligning with our authentic selves. It can be turbulent. It's important to remember that we are all in it together and the more resistant we are to the changes, the more dragged out the process will be for us. So take time out for yourself, use the tools you possess to feel well, journal, talk to people, eat right, nurture your body and mind, reconnect with yourself so that you can see the deeper lessons that this shift brings.

This is a major shift in our consciousness, an opportunity to restructure ourselves and come into alignment with our purpose and passions. The goal is not to strive or to reach but to remove the obstacles that are holding us back. As we do this, as we go deeper within, our path reveals itself TO us. The emphasis, as always, is on the inward journey towards knowing ourselves at deeper levels.

Aside from the 'superficial' disruption that we may be able to see - the sudden changes, complete redirections in life, loss of friends and relationships, career changes and an overall uprooting of what we relied upon for stability, at a deeper level it is time for healing, in particular, healing of the sacred Divine Masculine energy.

Everything is made of Masculine and Feminine energy, including ourselves, nature and ANY form of creation.

I like to see it as the Masculine energy creates the structure in which the Feminine energy infuses life. The Masculine energy creates the space in which the Feminine energy dances.

Everything that has form is made of both the energies of the Masculine and Feminine, so it is important not to see one energy as more superior than the other, it's important to appreciate the differences and to respect, value and honour them both. Without both energies, there is no form, no structure, no life as we see it. Without Feminine energy we have lifeless structure. Without Masculine energy life dissipates into thin air. Both energies are sacred and divine and we should see them as such.

During these current times, we are healing and bringing the Masculine energy into balance, into its divinity. The Masculine energy is powerful, focussed and penetrative. By that, what I mean is that the Masculine energy creates and pushes the boundaries on form and allows for expansion. This expansion exists in every aspect of life. Expansion is the nature of the Universe. The balancing of Masculine energy occurs as we move collectively towards the light of our true Sun, and has an impact on the Feminine energy, bringing her into balance by proxy. The opposite is also true, as the Feminine energy heals and aligns, it catalyses balance in the Masculine energy.

Alignment with our path and inner balance go hand in hand, and the striving for alignment is what allows us to climb up the ascension ladder towards unconditional love - our Source, the source of our inspiration, creativity, consciousness, the most powerful force in existence. Our purpose in life (including our previous lives) has always been to go back to this place, our actual home. The beauty of it all is that this place also exists within. There is no separation. As above, so below, as within, so without.

Unity Consciousness and our evolution is dependent upon the merge between Masculine and Feminine energy, the left and the right, Yin and Yang. This is the goal - true union, reconnection, peace, acceptance and harmony within. The inner merge of the Masculine and Feminine polarities leads to collective unity, wholeness and wellness of the planet. During these shifts, the Masculine energy is recognising where to place AUTHENTIC boundaries and becoming more aware of the old patterns of being that stemmed from pain. This new awareness and recognition gives way for the Feminine energy to infuse life into a new paradigm, a new way of being.

Until now the boundaries and our Masculine identities have been blurred, confused and separated from the Feminine, leading to deep unfulfillment, addiction and imbalance in all of its forms. Society has massively impacted what a 'real' or a 'good' man should look like and this has disconnected him from his being, from his innate feminine, emotional, expressive and intuitive qualities. Whilst this aspect of ourselves is rejected, we can never achieve wholeness, unity, alignment, find our purpose or feel the magnitude of love that is waiting for us.

The answers to all of our problems lie within, deep inside our consciousness. We are the problem and we are the solution, which is exactly why the Divine Masculine, penetrative energies are required right now. Without the Masculine energy healing and stepping into its divinity, it is impossible for us to be able to create breakthroughs in our own consciousness and levels of awareness. The Divine Masculine's focussed energy is required to dig deeper within ourselves to find the solutions to our deep seated unfulfillment. This aspect of ourselves is healing at this time and the light of the Full Moon brings greater illumination, clarity and understanding.

As the Masculine energy heals and steps into its divine role, we shift into a new way of being, a new awareness, a new earth and closer to unconditional love. The grid around us expands and we expand internally in our awareness. The more we drop the denser energies, thought forms and limiting beliefs, the more we expand into a different timeline where possibility, growth and love are found.

How does the Masculine energy get wounded?

The core Masculine wound being addressed at this time stems from SHAME and GUILT associated with the father connection. It also presents itself through the abandoned mother.

This is an opportunity for us to heal our relationship with the parent that carries the more dominant Masculine, driving energy, by recognising the impact of our historic, painful interactions with them on our lives.

Symptoms of the wounded Masculine energy:

Inability to make decisions - at work or in our personal lives,

Unhealthy sense of obligation,

Self doubt,

An inability to create breakthroughs

Lack of clarity and certainty,

A lack of trusting ones feelings.

The merging of the Masculine and Feminine energy heals this wound as the Feminine energy brings deeper connection to emotion, inner knowing and intuition.

How the collective Masculine energy heals:

By going deep within. By deliberate, conscious movement into our own psyche. This movement into a deeper layer of our being is not only initiated by the Masculine energy, but it also transforms it, from the inside out, into the Divine Masculine or Shiva energy. This is the breakthrough we are being pushed towards at present by being asked to go within. The inner breakthroughs lead to the outer expansion and liberation of our true Self, of who we really are.

No one is exempt. Where in your life are you being pushed to create breakthroughs? What are you resisting?

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