Strong Ganesh and Full Moon energies are in the air!

Buckle up. We are in for another ride!

Sometimes we forget that we are part of and at the mercy of something greater than what is going on in our current experience. Sometimes we forget how we are deeply connected to everything and everyone. We forget how everything outside of us impacts our core and how our core, our inner world, impact the entire cosmos. Sounds romantic and it is. It is also quantum science.

During my meditation earlier, as I connected to my inner self and quietened the activity of my mind, I saw that strong Ganesh energies are in the air. Ganesh is the label that we attempt to place on an energy form based on it's unique characteristics. As impressive as the attempt to explain something that is difficult to explain is (check out the picture below!), knowledge of the Ganesh energy does it no justice. For the more sensitive however, the experience of the energy is undeniable, transformative and at times, really uncomfortable!

The Ganesh energy paired with the Full Moon in a couple of days time means that we are purging and clearing, picking and sorting and doing a lot of mental reorganisation which means life reorganisation. In other words, it is time to release more Karma...again!... and to get back in line with our path, purpose and spirit.

Karma historically has been considered a 'bad' thing but it really is not. Karma is a Universal law that dictates that whatever you carry in your body (physical and energy body) is reflected back to you in your life experience. If you carry anger, you will encounter angry interaction. If carry peace, you will encounter more joy. And if you carry any ancestral or past life patterns, life will reflect them back to you too.

It is during times like this when the cosmos is super charged, that we can really cut under the surface of our Karma and release old patterns. From a detached, observant space you are better suited at becoming aware of the patterns that are being reflected back to you. Awareness is THE catalyst for clarity and therefore change: you cannot unsee what you have seen. This has a powerful impact on the choices you make - and choice is all that anyone has any control over. When we are conscious, we are more aware. When we are aware, life is a beautiful play for us to witness, with all of the dancing energies of the cosmos as the cast and you at centre stage.

It’s an exhausting but necessary process to release old patterns (ancestral and past life) but it is much easier when you have the right people around you. (Speak to us by clicking here) Ganesh is the remover of obstacles so brace yourself for another deep seated shift. If you’re aware and conscious, you’ll see the process happening and although it may be uncomfortable, you will feel somewhat detached. Otherwise you may just feel unsettled and unsure why! You can use this opportunity to really listen to what the Universe is trying to tell you through your heart centred knowing. Ask yourself the following questions:

How do I feel?

Why do I feel this way?

Which deeper abandonment wound does this point to?

Am I ready to let it go?

Repeat as required!

Self love (as always), self care and meditative time are on the cards.

How will you be keeping your energy aligned?

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Last month we worked on the Inner Child in our Root Chakra Clearing Transmission. This month, by utilising the powerful energies of the Full Moon, we are working on the next chakra up the chakra system - the SACRAL CHAKRA.

With the Ganesh and the Full Moon energies in the air, it is time for the removal of obstacles to your expansion as Light beings, and to plant seeds for what you would like to manifest during the next phase of your growth.

It is a time for completions and we can help you clear some of the pesky, energetic "debris" that place limits on your being. Those aspects of yourself that do not serve you will be transmuted into higher light, love and deeper understanding.

It is a great time to transform old habits, beliefs and unconscious programming into greater empowerment, clearer vision and deeper connection. By means the Sacral Chakra Energy Transmission we are going to work lovingly, at deeper levels of your being that bypass the mind and physical body. We will be creating shifts in your energetic blueprint to help you unlock and harness creativity, passion and manifestation abilities that are locked within your Sacral Chakra.

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What: Sacral Chakra Clearing Transmission by Get Conscious

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Who: Dr Risha Joshi + Karen Sophia Peck

When: Tuesday 12th June 2018

Time: 8pm - 9.30pm GMT

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