Magic, Mystery and Self Mastery. What actually happens at a Get Conscious Retreat?

Welcome to Get Conscious Retreat.

We look forward to your stay.

Get Conscious Retreat is where we lift the veil between you and the Cosmos.

This sounds like a destructive process and it is. We make no qualms about it and we do not sugar coat it. This is most definitely the Warrior's journey and it happens over a 4 night and 5 day stay in the hills of Glastonbury, where the Earth's Heart energy is focussed and superbly supportive of our intentions and goals.

We are here to help you form deep connection with Source energy, from where you came, as well as the nurturing energy of the Earth, from which you are made. We activate, guide and ground you. We also help you to connect with your path, your purpose, your passions and everything in between, in order to restore your faith in the unknown and in life. After all, without faith in something more, something greater, life is laced with uncertainty, fear and a degree of hopelessness that we can be unconscious of. Reconnecting with your faith in life, with faith in yourself and with Universal flow (which you embody) restores your faith in all of the other invisible aspects too, like love, peace, passion, happiness, joy, beauty, deep connection, Universal Intelligence, guidance, creative flow and ultimately, fulfilment.

But first, we have to gently peel away all that you are NOT, so that who you truly are, divine beauty and light, can emerge.


Here is a general overview of what to expect on your stay with us:

Before arriving:


Out of chaos, stars are born. Prior to any major energy work, it is normal for our Ego side to surface. This is the reptilian aspect of our brain that prioritises survival as its one and only goal. It is a highly evolved aspect of ourselves which is perfectly optimised to do its job and is of obvious benefit in our lives BUT the tricksy, intelligent Ego can sometimes talk us out of progress due to its innate fear of the unknown. The Ego relies on historic experience to take action steps and it craves stability, security and safety. Unless kept in check, the Ego will talk us out of anything that is new, unknown or progressive. Energy work aims to disrupt and redefine what we rely upon for emotional stability so that a greater source of stability can be found - one that lies beyond the senses, is sustainable, one that moves us away from codependency and is deeply empowering. By means of deep energy work, the chains of imprinted ways of limiting thinking and being are broken, which is all the Ego knows and relies upon to feel safe. It is natural for it to act out.

The common ways in which the Ego will attempt to preserve safety and stability are:

- It may suggest that inner work and healing are unneccesary and of no real value in your life.

- It may suggest that growth can be achieved more effectively in isolation and reject the value of connection to others/mentors/guides/groups.

- It may suggest that growth is not possible due to physical constraints.