What is possible in LOVE?

What is possible when you heal your Heart and open yourself up to Love?

Pure Magic - that's what.

If you are human, you have experienced emotional pain.

When you allow yourself to feel that pain, you heal it and when you heal it, you learn how to feel everything that life has to offer once again.

Not only can you feel a deeper love but you also feel Universal guidance, connection and a sense of fulfilment that is hard to put into words.

You fall IN love, you become one with it and you realise that it was part of you all along.

You recognise that love was never outside of you.

We are all seekers.

Let's face it. Everything that we do is in an attempt to feel a certain way.

At the deepest (and therefore, truest) human level, every action that we take is to feel a deep sense of love - but we may not be conscious of this behaviour.

Excitement, joy, freedom, happiness, satisfaction, gratitude and fulfilment are the paths to love.

Love is the end goal and encompasses every path.

And because it is all that what we seek at a Soul level, we are all very deeply connected to each other in this web of love.

We are all 'in it' and 'in love' together.

Love relies on our ability to feel our emotions.

When we feel pain, sometimes we shut down our ability to feel altogether. Our inner child, our Ego self, does this out of love to protect us from potential harm/painful emotion but sooner or later we crave to feel again.

Love is pure power and spirit.

It builds in intensity and momentum within us and it demands to be set free.

We feel a deep stirring inside and we act in accordance.

We try to fight it, but resistance is futile.

Light and Love can never be hidden.

The only thing that varies between us is the path that we choose to take to get to love.

If we are aware and consciou