• Love hurts

  • You can't trust people

  • Only the LUCKY ones find love

  • No one can truly love me

  • Life is unsupportive

  • There are no good men/women out there

  • I'm never going to experience what I want

How many of the myths above have you heard? How many of them do you believe to be true?

I get it. That's what I used to believe too… and how wrong I was! If you believe that any of the above statements are true, let me tell you that you’re wrong too!

Not only are these statements untrue, they go against thousands and thousands of years of teaching and proven success stories. You see, finding love is just as much a SCIENCE and a system, as it is an Art... and that means it can be LEARNED.

There is a formula for finding love that is based on sound Science - one that thousands and thousands of people have applied in their own lives to find happy, loving and harmonious relationships. This system is based on the Science of the SOUL. 



You don’t have to look a certain way to find love and you certainly don’t have to meet an external criteria. You are BORN from love which means you are FULLY equipped at recognising and calling all that you love into your life. You’ve just forgotten how.

If you’re not in a heart opening and loving relationship (including with life!) your preconceived ideas about love are false. How do I know? Because so were mine.

I’d completely given up on the idea of love but I desperately wanted to find and experience it. I wanted that heart opening relationship that I saw on TV and that I saw around me, and I thought that until I looked, behaved and lived a certain way, I wouldn’t get it. That love was conditional.

I felt I wasn’t "perfect" enough or deserving of LOVE. I felt

that there was something innately wrong with me which is why “everyone” around me was in a relationship and I wasn’t. Love felt like a carrot that constantly dangled in front of me, that I could never quite reach.


So I studied what is TRUE. I realised that EVERYTHING that I thought about love until that point, was actually false. I realised that my beliefs on love were all based on “failed” love stories and the advice/opinions of those around me who hadn’t found love themselves... and there were plenty of those people! (Am I right?)


I realised that all along, I had been looking in the wrong places for love and I knew that if I really wanted to experience love in this lifetime, I’d need to do my own research. 


SO I DID MY RESEARCH and this is what I found...


Everything in the Universe has an equal and opposite force. Everything and everyone has a perfect complement. Including YOU. Finding Love is a case of aligning with this natural and complementary part of YOURSELF... and then it comes! 


Through trial and error, hundreds and hundreds of hours of study, I finally found a system that worked… and before you know it, there I was, living my best life with my dream partner.


Knowing what I now know, I would love to show you how to avoid the same problems that I faced and show you the fastest route to love!

Life has never been the same and I am so grateful for the magical and beautiful experience of unconditional love that I have. 

Now YOU can master this system for finding love without having to spend thousands and countless hours on finding and studying it, like I did. I’ve made it so much easier and faster for you!


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Whether you realise it or not, we are ALL looking for love. We’re all looking for that feeling of being unconditionally loved and accepted. Don’t waste any more time simply dreaming about it, assuming that love happens to the “lucky ones” or that love isn’t meant for you.


Love doesn't come to the "lucky" ones. It comes to those who ALIGN with it.


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Lots of love,

Risha xx